Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fine Nigerian Poetry

Comrade has a fan club, and you can buy the book online.


  1. Also by the same author: Yalla! and (coming soon) Big Girl, and Big Boy.

  2. Preview and buy the finest contemporary African poetry HERE
    Get Comrade, Yalla!, Big Girl, Big Boy, and (coming soon in Fall/Autumn 2014) Monsters.
    Buy all five titles to get free shipping at

  3. Yalla! poems are free online here. Including poems of America, Nigeria, Friends, and (crowd favourite) Exotic places. Alexandria is a simple award-winning poem. Saguaro is very sad. There is that Honeymoon poem/song. The Yemen poems. Some stirring odes to love and friendship. A little Limerick. Actually, a lot. Travelling limerick. What is love?


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