Friday, May 31, 2013

Revolutionary soldier

This Redemption is perfection, isn't it?  It's Jesse Jagz Nation, baby. 

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  1. Lyrics from @JesseJagz on twitter:

    Man dem fi hear me out.. Everything moving fast it will wear me out. So man puff spliff and drink beer and stout.. Man dem na fi wear me out

    Man never fear nothing, raised by the streets we na wear nothing, musicians are beer popping we near rotten, clergy 'a swear nothing

    Only sound in the air is tear dropping, electric out is near shocking.

    Hear something piercing and ear popping, soul rebel my music is chair rocking, revolutionary air force air dropping,

    Apocalypse.. My vocals is .. clear cutting

    No blood shed flow and clear spotting.. I never buckle to the pressure from my peer fucking, fear nothing.. Don't fear me hair locking

    Red gangsta high from air puffing.. Dredd rasta never fear nothing, n JAH never moved by mere talking his universal power is spear blocking

    Even if babylon gun air cocking .. It means war fun fair stopping.. Everyman has a right to compare nothing. This man never fear nothing

    On the way to calvary, never fearing the opposing power he,, jah rastafari he, revolutionary soldier on the hourly

    No home and family, the whole world living in vanity, jah rastafari he.. Till babylon falls from calamity

    Haile sellassie hear me I'v.. Been seeking ur face and daily I'm.. Conquering babylon israeli style. Revolutionary soldier moving steady I
    These streets love nobody, everything full of shit and no potty, smoke down I n I eye so dutty, jaga fear no fear duppy

    These streets love nobody, revolution on cd get ur own copy, thanksgiving in the ghetto nigga no turkey, no teddy bear everything so chucky

    No love politicians dem go doggy,all of them so lucky.So the flow dutty.smashed on the wall like snow hockey, backwards like a disco jockey

    Jah rastafari.. Light us to the sky.. Jah rastafari.. We aire (airay) and fly


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