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  1. Tango With Me is one of the best Nollywood dramas yet. Starring Genevieve Nnaji, Joseph Benjamin, Ahmed Yerima, Joke Silva, and others. Here is a review

  2. I once asked for movie recommendations on BellaNaija. Here:

    Tosin March 9, 2014 : Ije was one of the least bad Naija films I watched. I’ve seen a few crap ones and a tiny few good ones. Which other two should I try? Anybody seen The Perfect Church, the Meeting, Flower Girl, Phone Swap, and all those others? Which ones are nice?
    Nice films so far – Tango With Me. Inale. Figurine/Araromire. Tobi. Any Mainframe film (though I haven’t watched Maami yet)
    Couldn’t stand – Mr and Mrs. Two Men and a Baby. other random stuff on TV.

    Fatimah March 9, 2014: After all the hype (it is worth the money etc), the hilarious trailer, I finally watched The Meeting some hours ago and to be honest I wasn’t impressed. Maybe it is over anticipation or something but I can’t think of one reason to watch it again. I still remember how I watched and re-watched Keeping Faith by Ego Boyo years ago.

    There were funny moments (kudos to ReeDee), visuals was clean but the dialogue, chemistry/connection was quite poor in some parts. Too stilted.

    Bestie swears by Phone swap though (yet to watch, not available on distrify and irokotv yet). If you’ve not watched Aiyekoto, please do, it is one of the most amazing Yoruba movies I’ve watched in ages.

    Lolo March 9, 2014: Out of the nominated ones I’ve seen The Meeting, Finding Mercy, and A Wish. All three are good. I’m actually surprised Finding Mercy wasn’t nominated for Best Movie, especially since Last Flight to Abuja is on that list. After The Proposal and Mrs Somebody are also good.

    CarliforniaBawlar March 10, 2014: Phone swap was hilariously awesome!! I maybe put up 3 facebook “statuses” in 2012 and one of them was about Phone Swap….can’t wait to watch again whenever i can get the dvd…

    Tosin March 30, 2014: Thank you so much, BellaNaijarians. I appreciate it.
    Will look out for Aiyekoto, and Phone Swap. Of course will keep an open mind for other films too, and hope the quality rises quickly.
    In Naija music on the other hand, I find so many quality choices…can’t wait for Nolly to catch up. What will make Nolly catch up?

    amakadon March 9, 2014: Now they beginning to wear Nigerian designers good for them and d industry.

    Just watched Maami and was charmed, even cried a little. Great casting - Funke Akindele's physical comedy and heart, Wole Ojo as the other lead (Kashi) was 1. HOT and 2. A football player. The other other lead, young Kashi was excellent. GREAT CASTING. Then of course the obsession with culture, content, and quality filmmaking that stands Mainframe Productions and Director Tunde Kelani apart. They threw in the popular stuff - notably football and juju - to tell a story that connects to all especially the masses. Deserves the awards. P.S. I bought a pirated version. Over the past few years, it's been weakly distributed, but now it's reached the pirates and they're doing a great job of getting it out there at the awesome price of less than 1 dollar with a bonus film or two thrown in.

    Currently watching Doctor Bello and wow, it's like The Figurine with a bit of America thrown in i.e. some bonafide Hollywood stars and the best of Nollywood and the Yoruba film industry too. It's a good-quality production and I'm loving it. So glad I finally tried this. Wow.

    Next up, The Meeting. I just bought a copy. Yesterday, I wrote here that
    "We have a nominally large film industry but maybe not the message/mission and not the revenue to make it world-class." Already seeing the message/mission in the films I'm watching today. Funny point on sponsorship and product placement, I noticed the Lagos State Government support repaid with nice PR in Maami, and I noticed the mention of MTN in Doctor Bello as the phone service provider of choice. Cute. More of that, more revenue. Something positive in distribution. Then we;ll be all set.


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