Friday, January 10, 2014

Thank you Jesus, DaGrin is not dead, he liveth on. GET: Everything OlamideBaddest Guy Ever LivethYoutube music videos. TwitterFacebook


  1. I just listened to YBNL again today. It's amazing how it's such a good album, better than most of its peers. But what is more amazing is that BGEL the new album manages to be so much better.
    And now there will be a full album of Olamide and Phyno in collaboration. Can they top Baddest Guy Ever Liveth?

  2. What else is crazy is that the producer Pheelz is still NINETEEN. Born June 1994. As in, he's just a baby. Not musically though.

    Just like Lorde, who sang Royals and some other lovely stuff and just won THE Grammy is finally SEVENTEEN.

  3. You've got to check out the new music videos - 21st century Nigerian creativity Baby!

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