Sunday, March 23, 2014

2,000 years ago in Nigeria - a usable past
Made between 400BC and 200AD
Nok terracotta sculptures have been found
not only on the Plateau in Central Nigeria,
but also on far-flung sites from
Sokoto in the NW to Katsina-Ala in the SE.
Click each name for a splendid picture gallery. 


  1. Nok terracotta were found in Nok village in Southern Kaduna. For some reason this information has never been corrected. The escavation site is there till date along with the home of Bernard Fagg, who discovered them in the early 1940s.

  2. It would be cool to have a map showing all the relevant excavation sites, like even Katsina-Ala makes modern-day people think Katsina, as in, the state just north of Kaduna, wheras it's located way over there somewhere :)

    Also, you've been there?

  3. A recent conversation on Coursera:

    ME - Archaeology has given us a possible basis for a powerful story - that long time ago, thousands of years before the white man and the false throwing together of disparate tribes, before the tribes, we were in fact one Nigeria. Well, we weren't called Nigeria of course, but we were kin. We produced the same sculptures. It's an exciting story that has not been used...A usable past.

    ELENA B: What a great idea. Nigeria has all the tools; Internet and multimedia; Marketing skills; brainstorming talents,.
    But beware the necessary condition is Faith. Faith must be the driving agent.
    2000 years is not even very long ago. In Europe we had the Roman Empire and this is still a vivid memory.
    Maybe the common culture is still there in Nigeria. It might be just hidden.


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