Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Have a gig? Tell the world. // Bored? Ask realbubbler.

Click here to see events, activities, meetups, meetings, and gigs in your area
Event Organizers, listing is soooo easy:
use google calendar & invite
Advertisement: Fine African Literature?


  1. FAQ:
    Would you help me advertise my meetup / event / gig ?

    No. Do it yourself.
    Just 1. go to your google calendar 2. Post the event details - date/time/where/more 3. invite email address

    You can edit/change/delete later. Enjoy responsibly.

  2. FAQ:
    Can I subscribe to get Nigeria events, venues, meetings, and such, say every week?

    Or just check out at your leisure. Click on the events icon at the top of the page to see what's new:
    - on the map
    - by sliding the date bar
    - or scrolling through the event listing

  3. It stopped working about an hour ago - sorry for any inconvenience caused. It was gorgeous while it lasted (3 1/2 days).

    Will be back up in an hour or a month, I 'promise'.

  4. In a real life test with very slow mobile internet, the correct map did not load after several seconds. What loaded faster was a link to the calendar itself, which someone said was pretty useful. Do you see where it says "" in bold on the map? Click on it and you'll end up here: realbubbler's calendar

    The other thing is that we see a map of the world because Nigeria-related events happen all over the world. Click on the red pin for the one you want, or on the name on the calendar/table. Use "Zoom To" or the usual zoom system to quickly re-scale the map and see other events nearby. Use "directions" to get excellent driving/walking/other directions.

    Honestly, AMAZING.

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  6. Google Maps has done most of this now, and very well. 'Every' type of location is searchable, with more info, ratings, directions shown.
    The 'events' , things that pop up and who is there / who's going and more ? Maybe that's a feature too somewhere somehow. It all makes me happy.


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